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Hearing Aid Labs was founded by Richard Lloyd in 1995 who has accumulated impressive experience in the manufacture and dispending of hearing aid devices. Through the years, Hearing Aid Labs have played an important role in many people’s lives by providing them with outstanding hearing devices enhancing their hearing significantly.

We have been in the industry for over 18 years having helped countless of people in all ages. We have 16 hearing aid stores to date spread out in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Gauteng and soon to be Cape Town.

We not only offer hearing aids but also offer services in repairs and services. This is made possible with state of the art labs where we have a well-trained and skilled hearing aid technician.

To further assist our valued patients and customers, we have launched a new product range. Our products offer an extensive range of assistive devices such as amplified cell phones, wireless TV headsets and more. Not to mention hearing aid accessories such as batteries and hearing aid dryers.

Richard Lloyd founded Hearing Aid Labs with the knowledge and experience he has been accumulating with the manufacture and dispensing of hearing aids since 1995, that’s more than 15 years.

Richard’s principal philosophy which he has enforced in every store is speed of service for repairs and a structured training program for the new wearer paced at your own individual level.

Visit one of our hearing aid stores to receive a free screen test! http://www.hearingaidlabs.co.za/index.php/hearing-aid-shop

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